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David was born and raised in Yorkshire, England, but has made Canada his home. He has ink stains on his green thumb and lives in Waterloo, Ontario, where he loves to watch things grow — his children, his garden, his friends and his compost heap (which should eventually shrink).

In addition to creating the Garden Humour website, he is the weekly garden columnist for The Waterloo Region Record (print and online), and a regular contributor to Grand Magazine.
He has written two books of humorous garden stories -- Soiled Reputations, and Diary of a Mad Gardener -- also available from Amazon as eBooks. Other writing blogs here.

David is always available for speaking engagements. He has spoken to many horticultural societies and gardening groups, including multiple times at Canada Blooms, The Canadian National Exhibition, The Southwestern Flower Show in Atlanta Georgia, and the Ontario Horticultural Association Convention.

With the humour and passion of a lifelong gardener, exceptional photography and unique tips, he is an entertaining and informative speaker. Join him on a light-hearted and informative journey to the heart of gardens. See magic and mystery while exploring the essential qualities discovered therein -- inspiration, creativity, patience . . . and humour.

A gardener must be able to laugh with their garden, otherwise they'd cry (laugh while you garden and you'll live forever!).

NOTE: Not currently accepting speaking engagements other than by Zoom.

Member of the Garden Writers Association email  My Blogs Here

    Previous speaking engagements - - always informative and entertaining.
    (not quite standup comedy for gardeners, but they do seem to laugh an awful lot).
Presentations include:
  • Great Plants Great Gardens
  • Art in the Garden
  • Tips and Tricks for Water Wise Gardening
  • A look at the Lighter Side of Gardening
  • The Amazing Chelsea Flower Show
  • Beyond the Pail: Wild Ideas with Containers
  • Inspiring Gardens of Ireland
  • My Own Garden Story
  • Photographing Plants and Gardens
  • Best of British Gardens
  • No Petunias: a Potpourri of The unique and Unusual
  • Grow Something Different: Plants to Impress your Neighbour
  • Botanical Gardens From Buffalo to Bangkok, and much More

Typical speaking engagements:
  • The Garden Club of Ottawa
  • Sudbury Horticultural Society
  • Canada Blooms numerous occasions.
  • For the Love of Gardening, Peterborough, Ont.
  • MC at Galt Horticultural Society Dream Garden Conference.
  • MC at Elora Salem Horticultural Society Garden Conference
  •  Southeastern Flower Show, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Toronto Storytelling Festival --  Workshop on writing and telling humorous stories.
  • The Ontario Garden Show 
  • Stratford Festival Garden Show -- annually
  • The Investors Group
  •  Kitchener Public Library -- Tips and Tales from a Mad Gardener.
  •  Cloverleaf Garden Club Mississauga.
  • Waterloo -- MC The Dandelion Festival.
  •  Oakville University Women's Club.
  •  Barrie Horticultural Society.
  •  Waterloo Probus Club.
  •  Mount Hamilton Horticultural Society.
  •  Canadian Authors Association (Kitchener branch)
  •  Paris Horticultural Society.
  •  Learning Unlimited Woodstock.
  •  Credit Valley Horticultural Society.
  •  Guelph Horticultural Society
  •  Elmira Horticultural Society
  •  Tilsonburg Horticultural Society
  •  MC Toronto Storytelling Festival Cabaret
  •  The Stratford Garden Show
  •  The Ayr Horticultural Society
  •  At the Scarborough library
  •  Preston Horticultural Society
  •  Wilmot Horticultural Society
  •  University of Waterloo Bookstore
  •  Amherstburg Garden Tour Weekend
  •  Preston Horticultural Society
  •  Eden Mills Writers' Festival (At The Fringe)
  •  Moorefield Horticultural Society
  •  Perspectives Series at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.
  •  Streetsville Horticultural Society
  •  The Canadian National Exhibition 
  • Elora and Salem Horticultural Society Conference
  •  Woodstock Probus Club
  •  The Success With Gardening Show, The International Centre, Toronto
  •  Ontario Horticultural Association Convention, North Bay, Ontario
  • And more and more

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