About David Hobson

David Hobson has digital ink stains on his green thumb and lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where he loves to watch things grow — his children, his garden, his friends, and his compost heap (which should eventually shrink).

David was born and raised in Yorkshire, England, but has made Canada his home. A humorist, storyteller, and photographer, he is a popular speaker at horticultural societies and gardening clubs, where he shares the humour and passion of a lifelong gardener.

In addition to writing two humorous gardening books, "Soiled Reputations" and "Diary of a Passionate Gardener, for twenty-two years he has been the weekly garden columnist for The Waterloo Region Record. His articles have also appeared in Garden Making magazine, Grand magazine, Canadian Gardening magazine, and most recently the Farmers Almanac Garden Guide.

Email: dhobson@golden.net

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